"I Want to Wear Lingerie! But I Don't Know What to Get..."

Unbound gets a little help from Caro, the Lingerie Lesbian on how to buy great lingerie basics...

To introduce myself, I should probably start by saying that I care about lingerie way more than the average person. That’s exactly why I started my blog The Lingerie Lesbian about 9 months ago and I’ve have been talking nonstop about lingerie and sexuality on the internet since then. I’ve been featured on Jezebel, interviewed on Autostraddle and my love of lingerie just keeps growing! Ever wanted to learn more about the magic of knickers? Read on.

There is a lot of misinformation that goes around when it comes to lingerie. People are always telling me, “I like the concept of wearing lingerie, but when it comes to the execution, I just don’t know what to get.” Especially from women who are around my age and have just realized they really do want to wear something more glamorous than white cotton briefs and boxer shorts.

That’s why I thought creating a “Lingerie Starter Kit” would be a great way to make the leap from “confused lingerie lover” to “lingerie-toting goddess” as easy as possible. Don’t think these are rules to follow to the letter, but merely ideas to get you started on your future lingerie adventures.

We’re going to start from the assumption that you’ve got the basic stuff down: versatile t-shirt bra and everyday panties. This list is all about immersing yourself in the more deliciously impractical side of things: lingerie.

1. An ‘everyday sexy’ set of matching bra and panties
By an ‘everyday sexy’ set, I mean something that is practical enough to wear regularly, but is exciting enough to make you feel like you’re wearing something special. A good example of this type of set is trying to find something in your favorite style (whether that be plunge, balconette, padded, etc.) and trying a fun pattern, color or lace texture. I have the opposite problem of only wearing fun colored undies
and this type of exciting but still practical lingerie is exactly what I love.


ASOS Boudoir Cotton Floral Longline Bra ($38.59) and panties ($24.56)

2. A 3-piece set: bra, panties, garter belt

When I first got into lingerie, I was obsessed with garter belts. By now, I have calmed down a little bit when it comes to them, but I still think that this is one of the most fun types of lingerie. There are two main kinds of garter belts (also know as suspender belts): 4- strap and 6-strap. The 4-strap usually go around your hips and don’t keep your stockings quite as steady as the 6-strap, which usually sits on your waist. Choose a 4-strap if this is more of an “evening only” choice and six-strap if you are planning on wearing it all day.

                                   R703997 P719909 P719911 Front

Fantasie Samantha Underwired Bra ($54), Samantha Suspender ($36) and Samantha Thong ($24)

3. Stockings or stay-ups

Stockings are kind of a natural choice when paired with a garter belt—you can’t really wear a garter belt without stockings or you’ll look quite silly. If, however, you’re not a garter belt kind of girl, then stay-ups (stockings with an elastic top) are an excellent choice and there are many fun options out there. NB: garter belts should not be worn with stay ups as they can damage the elastic top.

                                       Phillip Montignon Classy Lady 1024x1024

                  Philip Matignon Simply Stockings in Classy Lady ($38)

4. A slip or romper

A slip or romper is a perfect way to upgrade your loungewear situation from giant ratty t-shirts (if that’s what you want to do). Slips are a more versatile option, fitting a wide variety of body types, while rompers can be a little more finicky and it’s tricky to find the right one (but once you do, a romper can be utterly adorable). Wearing a slip or romper is an easy way to feel effortlessly glamorous, even if you’re hanging about the house and watching TV.

                             Web Ck Chemise Bluefront
                          Calvin Klein Nocturnal Elegance Slip, $59

5. A robe

A nice robe is a general life necessity, not just lingerie. It’s the perfect piece to layer on top of any of your lovely lingerie pieces or just make you feel more pulled together in general. Also, a robe is lovely in its own right and covers whatever you’re wearing in pretty.

                                     Comp Special Robe Shot

                 Beautiful Bottoms Flamingo Short Night Robe £116.00

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