This Week's Brunch Conversation

-Images of porn stars with and without makeup have been twirling around the internet.  While there's probably a great deal of commentary to be said about the realities of porn or standards of beauty, why don't we just all take a second and appreciate the power of a strong eyebrow arch?  

-Slate's new history blog, The Vault posted a vintage infographic depicting women's employment in 1920.  

-A women's group took to the Vatican City protesting the lack of female representation with the current ordination laws.  They used pink smoke to symbolize the push for female presence within the church.  

-If you haven't checked out The Hairpin's Ask a Queer Chick advice column, get there!  An ever awesome read... 

-The last episode of Girls was a doozy, eh?  The lack of condom use on the show is reaching a feverpitch.  

-And oh, hey girl, follow us on twitter.  Now go get something green to wear (whether ironic or not) and get your weekend on...

Whatcha think?

Please don't be mean :-)

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