Brunch Talk

Was mercury in retrograde this week?  Is it always now? Meh.  Let's Brunch.

-"Sexposition," a hopeful buzzword sure to not catch on, explores the application of sex scenes and evaluates whether they're gratuitous or plot development mechanisms.  Our policy on sexposition has always been "if this conversation can take place during sex, then go with it."

-As part of the NY Times' India's Way series, an extremely complex discussion on the age of consent in India is reaching the courts.  (also: fascinating to learn the age of consent in many countries from the article:  "Britain is 16; in France, it is 15, and in Spain, it is 13 years. In the United States, the age ranges from 16 to 18 years, depending on the state.")

-Another trolling gender piece?  Ok, we'll bite.  Nymag's "Feminist Housewifearticle is somewhat of a eye roll read for some and has obviously inspired ill feelings- namely from the women featured in the article.  

-Woman of sex brilliance, Debby Herbenick has started a lovely and much needed tumblr project called "Make Sex Normal " celebrating the idea of "calm down, everyone.  it's just sex and if it didn't exist--neither would you." 

-Your imaginary bestie Lena Dunham made a video called Best Friends and therefore she probs had you in mind.  

-Alright gang, get on your yoga pants , we're showing ass today and we could give a Lululemon if they don't like it!

Whatcha think?

Please don't be mean :-)

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