Drink along at home: Fire And Ice

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are creeping higher, but as we all know, winter is coming! So in honor of Sunday's premier of Game of Thrones, we’ve created a drink of ice and fire.  

The base for this cocktail is a Reposado tequila--its smoky flavor will work well with the additions of your ice and fire. A sip or two as you go through the next steps adds a feeling of authenticity...not sure why.

The Ice:
We used a German Ice Wine . If you’ve ever had ice wine before you know that they are intensely sweet and can also get pricey. Don’t go crazy--the sweetness is going to be tempered by the fire element.

The Fire:
Like any good plot or battle there are some preparations needed before this comes together. Find some dried chipotle peppers (most slightly fancy grocery stores have ‘em) and some Jose Cuervo Silver, a smaller 50ml bottle will do but having extra is no tragedy. In a separate glass container combine the tequila with about 4-6 peppers. Let it sit for a full day, then strain out the peppers and guess what, you now have chipotle infused tequila! Sip this sparingly if you value your tongue. But maybe try cooking with it someday?

The Surprise:
Any GOT fan knows to expect the unexpected, usually in the form of an untimely death. So the killing stroke in this drink is the addition of coffee. Yup, coffee. It gives the drink a complex, almost chocolatey dimension that begs for thoughtful sipping and pondering of epic events.

And here’s your suggested amounts:

Reposado Tequila 1oz
Ice wine 1oz
Chipotle tequila .5oz
Coffee .5oz
And if you are feeling fancy, a dash of orange bitters!

This tasted and looked best after a liberal shaking with plenty of ice to chill it. A sherry glass is about the right size for this--it’s pretty potent. 


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