The Brunch Agenda

A conversation primer from me to you!  And no, I absolutely did not notice you're wearing the same top as last night under that hoodie.  I think it looks great, anyway.   xx(x), Sarah Jayne

-You shouldn't have but we're amused you did.  "America: The poor, the cold, the lonely and the homosexual"...A possibly fake (it HAS to be right?!?!) video love letter from North Korea.

-Oh come on!  Shit hit the fan when a biology teacher in Idaho said "vagina." (Puts fingers in ears, "VAGINA, VAGINA, VAGINA, VAGINA!")  

-Love this! LOVE!  The Daily Beast offers a brilliant reframing of common, stodgy phrases around women's- fuck it- people issues.  Who wants it all, anyways?  (unless we're talking beverages- in which I'll have a latte, smoothie, water [please!] and a bellini.  THAAANKS!)

-Discovery!  Vibrators can also be used to alleviate tension in the larynx!  While I suspect I'll still be tone deaf after giving this a try, I do feel this is a step forward in my lifelong goal of being able to write vibes off as a medical expense.  What? I had a karaoke performance on Saturday and I was my larynx.  

-And since you'll be cozying up to your roommate's brother's girlfriend's HBO GO account for the Game of Throne's Season 3 premiere (with our Fire and Ice cocktail, of course), you might also like to know that Vice (yes, the magazine. Now, the news magazine series on HBO) is premiering on Friday, April 5th.

Now get out there and start your chili infused tequila!  These cocktails aren't going to shake themselves, mama!

Whatcha think?

Please don't be mean :-)

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