Have you met Mona 2?

While on a recent trip out of town for a couple days, I did not have a sex dream about my boyfriend. I did have one about my Mona 2, and waking up a couple hundred miles away from it was about as frustrating as waking up from a dream where I’m being seduced by Jon Hamm.

Yeah, this is somewhat of an unfair comparison. But I really want to convey to you what a big fucking deal this thing is. It’s so versatile and fun and efficient, it has a tendency to make me a little dramatic. The vibration is really powerful throughout, so you feel it all the way from the base through to the tip, which is what makes it so unexpectedly perfect for external use (my favorite way to use it). It’s fully waterproof and has six “stimulation modes”--which from what I can tell, are different vibration patterns that do even more of the work for you, if you want them to.


Using it with a lady:
The Mona 2 is great for coupled sex—you can target her clit with the gently pointed tip or nestle it between bodies. The wider section fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, which can allow for more direct pressure than manipulating it from the handle end.

Using it with a gentleman:
He said it felt “buzzy and nice,” reported that he could feel the vibration even when it wasn’t touching him directly, and generally seemed pretty excited about my heightened enthusiasm. The size and shape make this a very easy machine to operate. As I mentioned, it fits well into the palm, which is especially advantageous if your partner is behind you.

Using it with your lovely self:
Lelo describes the Mona 2 as a G-spot vibrator, but it’s really so much more than that--the contoured shape curves perfectly against your body for external use, hitting any and all spots, even hands-free. When inserting it for internal use, I usually feel a little fullness for about two seconds, and then it slides into place in what I can only describe as a perfect fit. The form lines up effortlessly with my G-spot, barely requiring any adjustment. This isn’t the kind of vibrator that’s going to make you injure your wrist trying to make it work for you--it’s incredibly ergonomic. With its versatility and range of vibration, this is the kind of toy that can keep you entertained for hours--but most often I find myself using it solo to get off fast and hard.

At $139, it’s definitely an investment. But think of it this way—it’s only $27 more than an unlimited metrocard, lasts a lot longer than a month (Lelo offers a 10 year quality guarantee), and it is so much more fun to ride.

Oh! And Just so you know:
-Fully waterproof
-Lockable (as we call it a Nightmare Scenario at TSA Avoidance Policy)

Have (and love) the Mona 2? Let us know what you think!  xx(x), the Unbound team

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