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Morning, Lady!  

Nope, you said you'd start cleansing/eating healthy/running 8 miles on Monday; not today...  I know it's seems like a good idea to kick this sort of campaign off on the weekend but I'm pretty sure you meant the workweek when you said "next week."  Did you know they can stuff French toast? Let's Brunch Chat!


Sarah Jayne  

-Judge me, but I dug Moulin Rouge, I was all about Romeo+Juliet and that Sunscreen Song still gets me emotional. And hell ya I am going to see Great Gatsby. There. I said it. This new trailer was released, all still very exciting but more importantly, this epic soundtrack is featured a bit. Beyonce covering Amy Winehouse! Sia! Lana! 

-Ryan Murphy, creator of Nip/Tuck/Glee/American Horror Story is working on a new show about relationships/sexuality. So there's a season or two of a new show to look forward to.

-Forget everything you read in this round up and everything you'll read going forward today. Nothing matters but the fact that Arrested Development will be released in its entirety on Netflix, May 26th.

-Sheryl Sandberg on the Daily Show ? Childhood idol, meet my young lady professional idol.  And it's an extended interview!

-It's time we talk about vagina. Some people don't like the word, others are banned from using it. Point is, it's one of my favorites and as much as I wish it became more commonplace to use, I wonder if I'd miss the squirmy reaction I currently delight in seeing it evoke...Either way, fancy lady Garance Dore prefers "pussy" more. I can get behind that too. I sound like an empty nest mother when I say, "I don't really care what you call it, just call!"

-Mad Men is back this weekend!  Make sure you check out our Mad Men Premier Drinking Guide !  Fun for the whole family!  

Whatcha think?

Please don't be mean :-)

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