Get in the car, loser: we're going to brunch

Morning ladies,  

Turns out gin and tonic season opened early this year!  Also in this year? Wearing sunglasses to brunch.  


Sarah Jayne

-A study regarding penis size for men danced around the internet this week.  Articles were written, commentary was made and some eyes were rolled (and a lot more "duh"s were dispensed).  Frankly, no one wrote a better piece on the study than Tara Haelle at Double X Science

-Clean it up, you dirty, dirty girl:  The Frisky delivers a brilliant Spring Cleaning list !  (Forget cleaning your baseboards and don't even bother lining your drawers, baby-  you've got dildos to wash!)

 -Annette Funicello, Lilly Pulitzer and Margaret Thatcher all passed this week.  Here's a lovely tribute to the women.

-Oh heyyy,  a gentlemen's summer reading list in case your male colleagues, fathers, brothers and fellow countrymen have been asking you what lady books you might recommend.  (Srsly though, I have slayed half this list and think it's pretty legit.)

-And for shits, a French scientist claims that wearing a bra causes sagging breasts rather than does anything to remedy them.  In fact, not wearing a bra even helped women see a raise in nipple height.  SO little is actually disclosed regarding the study that it's barely worth discussing whether this is true but I'll give my two cents anyways:  This study seems to assume that women are more concerned with the position of their breasts than they are with the comfort of their day.  I personally don't put on a bra every morning and think "good, I've done my due diligence to prevent my breasts from sagging."  But on the days when I realize I've left the house without a bra- it happened, btw- I think, "I am in for a world of hurt"  So anyways, Doctor Jean-Denis Rouillon, keep it.  

Whatcha think?

Please don't be mean :-)

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