The Brunch Talk

I'll have a bellini in a pitcher straw.  Here's a few talking points of the week.  And jokes and such aside, weeks like this can be so hard on the soul. I hope you all have someone to talk to...

-As sex education in Ohio took a major blow (mind out of the gutter, broads), NYMag did a lovely interview with one of New York's early sex educators, Jeane Stockheim.    

-I'd say dig out your copy of the Bloodhound Gang's "Bad Touch " but in truth, I listened to that song days ago:  The Museum of Sex opens "The Sex Lives of Animals " exhibit.  

-Why an MBA can shorten a women's career .  (throws hands in the air...)

-...Dudes aren't masturbating ?  Now THIS sounds like the strongest argument for the "end of men" yet...

-And finally, in the wake of the week's events I just wanted to say that we send our love and care to the people of Boston.  Our hearts broke with you this week and we look to supporting you as your great city begins to heal. Some lovely things about the city of Boston were said here .  Some lovely things about humility in the wake of a confusing and disheartening event like this were said here .  

Be good to you.  Be good for others.  


Sarah Jayne

Whatcha think?

Please don't be mean :-)

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