Sexual Education

I enjoyed a completely green and blissful childhood. I can proudly say I pioneered the “going-out” phase as one of the first girls in the 4th grade with a boyfriend. My grade school years were generously peppered with holding hands and playing spin the bottle in the alley behind a friend’s house. I still remember the exhilaration of kissing the cutest guy in class, even though it was just a peck. My sexual education has been like a roller coast ride taken in slow motion. Above all it’s been learned largely “outside the classroom.” Field work, if you will.  Just before high school, I recall being at my friend Liz’s house, the go-to hangout for zero parental supervision and hearing that Jenni “gave a guy head.” Completely in the dark, I asked, “She gave him a head of what?” Upon hearing an inelegant explanation, I cried, “WHY WOULD SHE EVER WANT TO DO THAT?!” I was flabbergasted that something so wild and far-fetched even existed. (Did she like it? Did he? ...It’s common, you say?!) Turns IS pretty common and it’s pretty well liked, too. I've become less skeptical of this sexual act over time like many. Just part of an ongoing education I guess...

Phases followed: being afraid of my sexuality, not knowing exactly how to manage it, as well as negotiating my own preferences along the way. I remember feeling terrified of not knowing what I was doing, and was it right? Not to mention, I never thought about my own pleasure. 

A more balanced phase of sexual education came after college while living in New York. I started dating more, and feeling comfortable with all the crazy, fun, hilarious, amazing (you get the idea) facets of my sexuality, letting these become extensions of myself I really liked. I began to understand the power of clearing any mental and emotional bad habits. I now get how important this is in order to make room for positive feelings of sexual expression. Through my experience founding Unbound and a continued curiosity in the field, I luckily still have those moments of, “wait, someone really does that?” Only the reaction now being...."awesome !"

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