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-So this week, The Guardian's advice columnist answered a woman's question regarding her partner's feeling that her vagina was "repulsive." Basically hell broke loose and it's about damn time.  Lindy West over at Jezebel gave the very best evisceration of the columnist's response and gave her own advice to boot: dump him.  

-Ohhhh ok, let's chat about this: A piece now up on The Atlantic right now asks "Is Sex Still Sexy?"  Basically it's driving the point that our overshare driven culture leads to less sexiness overall.  Frankly, it's a bit of a cop out.  The piece reads like another one of Time Magazine's generational judgement dump article that we now expect to see every time an evil new batch of youngsters comes into their 20's.  It's making me think: it might not be sexier (although I'd love to know how she quantifies that) but can anyone argue that more equality and communication isn't better?  So often we romanticize past eras and events but fail to realize the full context and implications of them. ( Like the roaring 20's: that shit was not all Gatsbylike.) Was sex better "back in the day?" maybe, I dunno, I guess? But could you really argue that not talking about sex was better for people?  

-An interesting piece regarding working female tv characters .  Basically makes me want to look into the summer internship opportunities at the Gena Davis Institute.  

-And finally, something else I've been following a bit- the factory collapse in Bangladesh. It's a tough pill to swallow. For what it's worth, some understanding and action is good.  Worth checking out: A Visual Explanation of the Factory Safety Plans in Bangladesh .  Looking at the list of retailers that relied on the work of the collapsed factory- it's tough to realistically write them off.  Maybe you do, maybe you don't.  I noticed that many comments on related articles were asking where to shop to avoid "conflict clothing." What might be worth doing is checking out this comprehensive list of companies  that do their production in America from one of my favorite blogs, A Continuous Lean. (Yes, this also assumes that they're produced under fair and regulated circumstances as well.)


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