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Here's what we're dying to talk about from this week! After we order coffee...

-Comedian Christina Walkinshaw shares her experience with harassment and hecklers and the fallout following the gig on XOJane . funny/infuriating/triumphant.

-The DSM-V (or the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) was released and many are noting the lack of inclusion and resolve on sex addiction (or hypersexuality as it's discussed outside tabloids.) NYMag offers an interesting take. 

-OH! Sarah Jayne's reading recommendation for the week: Mac McClelland's bold and deeply personal piece in June's Mother Jones following her cousin's battle with Schizophrenia and the country's struggle with mental illness as a whole. It's a must. check. out. It's the cover story in the print issue however the podcast is here .

-Prague is now considering "Singles Cars " on their public transportation to promote mingling and with hope, a really good pr campaign when two of their straphangers get hitched. We're betting this will likely play out as a boys on one side and girls on the other scenario but maybe it could be fun? Would people actually ride it???

-Oh! IF you have yet to check out Emily Winter's brilliant piece from this week- please do! Her comedy show (with Unbound contributor Janet Manley) is this coming week if you are in the New York area. It's called Backfat and it is amazing every month and you should be there.

Have a lovely weekend, all.  We'll see you back next week!


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