I wanted to try and write about how it feels to masturbate and orgasm and this is the closest I can get. Really, it’s so hard to describe what happens in those few beautiful moments, so here it goes...

I lay down amongst the duvets and breathe deeply, I pull my dress up and push my hand down into my panties, I don’t go right for my pleasure centre.  I take time slowly moving my fingers across the soft hair and skin surrounding my cunt, I shake with anticipation every part of me surging with the desire to orgasm, slowly I slide my fingers towards my clit pulling and manipulating the flesh around it. Then with one digit I touch it, it sends a shock wave through me, I’m always amazed at the sensitivity of it. Two fingers work together rubbing more firmly, my insides tighten and I moan loudly as I touch myself, I think of someone fucking me, fucking me hard and deep, some one telling me they want me, how they want me, that they are so hard because of me. Brain power is an amazing thing because now the whole area is aroused and swollen and very very wet. I force two fingers inside me, the velvet smoothness feels so soft.  I slide my fingers in and out until I am a juicy mess. I push inside again and find my g spot, I stroke hard whilst I push against my clit firmly, this makes me cry out loud, I know if I carry on with this I’ll climax in no time flat, so I decide to play a little more. 

I open the drawer and pull out my new toy. I put it between my breast for a few moments to warm it up and continue to finger myself a little more, when I feel like its warmed up I take it and rub the tip of it against my clit and turn it on, I swear out loud as pleasure shoots from that tiny button of flesh all through my body. I want it inside me so badly. I thrust the head inside my cunt, it makes me shake with ecstasy.  I’m so wet that I push hard and slide it in as far as I can, this intense feeling of being penetrated and filled almost finishes me. I can feel my body climbing to the peak; I turn it off, the buzzing is now just a distraction from the picture I’m building in my head of someone’s hard cock pushing inside me. I slide it inside me a few more times and then with one finger I find my g-spot and also finger my clit hard. The sensation is all too much, there is no backing down now. Suddenly I fly, the pleasure rockets throughout my whole body, I feel my climax squeezing my fingers and the vibrator that is deep within me so tight it almost hurts- but a good hurt, a pleasurable hurt, a clasping orgasm that reverberates through me filling my body with warmth.  I clench my teeth and breath hard as the waves pulse through my cunt; I go light headed and little sparks of colour shoot through my head. I push the vibrator a little more deeply, more spasms occur making me cry with pleasure, the honey flows out of me profusely as the next orgasm shakes me and turns me into a shuddering moaning wreck. I pull my knees into my chest as I delight in the exquisite feeling that fills me with joy, and for a couple of minutes it stays with me, that feeling of utter joy and then it drifts from me and I feel like beginning all over again...

By Beautiful Filth.  (be sure to check out her gorgeous and addictive tumblr at makemecomeforyou.tumblr.com)


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