The hot water had relaxed her but not enough. The daily grind was really getting to her, meeting after meeting. The life of a director of an advertising company was not all the fun it was cracked up to be. Sure the perks were good but Lillian had not had time for anything, not even to relax. 

The silk gown caressed her curves and the cool fabric against her heated skin awoke her senses. Lillian reached for the glass of red wine she had poured earlier and took a sip. She held the smooth liquid in her mouth before swallowing slowly, closing her eyes to enjoy the full bodied flavor of the rich red wine. She placed the glass on her dressing table and then slowly undid the ties of her gown, letting it drift to the floor. In the mirror she saw a woman with experience on her side. The body was curvy with round breasts that were more than a handful for most men. She smiled to herself recalling the touch of her young lover, his hands massaging her ass while his lips sucked her nipples. 

Reaching for the moisturizer she rubbed some of the thick cream between her hands then began to stroke her stomach, rubbing in slow circles up to her breasts. Taking some more cream she massaged each breast in turn. Circling slowly she squeezed gently, and then flickered her finger over the tip of her pebbled nipples. Her body began to react and sent little electric currents of awareness to the clit. 

A groan slipped out just as the memories of her lover licking her neck came to the front of her mind. Damn it! Her pussy began to tingle with need. But her lover was not in town. However, she did have a little something hidden in the drawer of her nightstand. Moving across, she sat of the edge of her bed and reached into her drawer and pulled out her loyal friend. Pushing the on button it whirred to life and began to vibrate. Lillian climbed back further onto her bed and sank into the deep duvet. Adjusting the pillows, she relaxed back with her knees up. With the vibrator in her hand she pressed it against her nipples and squealed as the motions sent shivers of delight around her body. She moved her friend down her stomach to her waiting clit. She massaged her mound, teasing herself by moving down very, very slowly towards her pussy. Lillian bit her lip enjoying the sensations. Moisture began to seep from inside her. She stroked her lips getting closer and closer to her clit. 

Her breathing quickened and her throat became dry. Her clit ached and hardened. She finally let the vibrator touch her clit. When it did so she nearly jumped out of her skin as her friend's massage caused more wetness to coat her thighs. Her whole body shook and she could not wait any longer. Sliding it inside her, she groaned aloud, as it slipped inside with ease. Its thickness filled her to the hilt and she thrust it in and out creating a fast rhythm. Prickles of perspiration began to coat her skin. She panted hard feeling her orgasm building and coming to the surface. Images of her lover tied to her bed at her mercy while she rode him hard and fast filled her mind. She tried to hold back but all was lost. With one more thrust, her pussy clenched and her body shook. Lillian cried out in delight as her release exploded around her loyal friend.


Michaela Rhua is a British author, who loves nothing more than curling up with a good book and a glass of red wine. Having a day job, two children and a husband keeps her busy.  Check out more about Michaela on her site and Facebook.  


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