Put a Ring on It!

When we first heard about Italian company Ménage à Quatre's new accessory for female pleasure- we were intrigued.  These four different rings but a new spin on pleasure goods and add a much needed champion to manual stimulation. Don't get us wrong, we lurrrrrrrrrrve our toys but it's a wonderful thing to find pleasure in your own touch.  This exciting new concept in erotic products merges the best of both worlds- and it looks damn good doing it too.  

We were able to ask Ménage à Quatre's concept creator, Viviane Yazdani a few questions about her noble crusade to provide women with an exciting and sophisticated way to experience pleasure.

There's something very beautiful about a jewelry piece providing pleasure. How did you get the original inspiration for joining the two?

- One of the primary goals in the creation of my sex toys was to emphasize the act of pleasure by creating a product which translates the beauty and delicacy of the act. No embarrassment in the process of buying, receiving, and practicing it, but only something that makes women happy to have. I needed my products to speak psychologically to a women just by a glance at it. The perfect match was jewelry. Then comes the manual massagers as the beads of the rings which is the physical complement to have a mechanism which actually will make it all work.

You have done a great deal of research regarding masturbation among women. Did anything surprise you in your findings?

- Yes, i have done a great amount of research of women's sexual pleasure. Well, everything surprised me in my findings. But what triggered me, was definitely when I found out that the vaginal orgasm didn't exist. It was a bummer! I really felt that before designing the sex toy, I needed to understand just WHY and explain it around my product. That's why I created "We Live on Planet Vagina" infographic which is actually pretty much my own path in the research of the topic.

How did you develop the different versions of the four rings?

- The different versions of the four rings correspond to different womens profiles. They are represented by different sensation in terms of massagers beads, soft sensation to the hardest. The aim is to let women choose which one suits them the best; to really consider each women, as we are all unique.

You use body safe materials. It seems like it goes without saying but why was this so important for you to use?

- It is important for me to explain what is the product exactly made of. Some sex toys today still use bad quality silicone. I wanted to be as clear as possible when it comes to the quality of my product.

What's the best part of your job as concept creator, designer & director of Ménage à Quatre?

- The best part of my job is simply people appreciating the product and feeling comfortable around the topic . It makes me think that I have reached my goal in banishing the embarrassment of the topic.

Wanna support an amazing, female driven, orgasm championing company like Ménage à Quatre? Check out their Indiegogo campaign and let's make some bodies happy, ya?  

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