We're announcing our fall theme for the Unbound Box and we're pulling out all the stops! Nothing says power lunch like stealthily reading a perfectly hot erotica read on your phone, amirite, ladies?  Learn more about our Unbound Box or next quarter's theme, Power.  Enjoy, xx(x)

Leyla took a deep breath. He was beautiful. Lying back on the bed, arms tied above his head, legs spread open by the spreader bar, she had bought for him that day. He was so willing, placing himself in her hands. She bit her lip to stem the emotions rising to the surface. She was thankful that he was sightless by virtue of the blindfold. His body glistened with perspiration. She had worked his body hard already. The paddle had been his favourite tonight, but now was the time to soothe his skin and maybe let him come.

She plunged both hands in to the ice bucket and counted to five. Then took them out and shook above him. The droplets of water fell onto him. He groaned. Leyla smiled then placed both hands onto his chest. He squirmed and sighed. She knew her ice cold hands were like a balm on the marks she had scored into his chest with her nails.

"Thank you, Mistress," he groaned before grunting, as she pinched his nipples as a warning not to speak. "Bad boy," she whispered, and then she leaned in to kiss his lips. She tasted herself, sweet and musky from when she had ridden his face until she had orgasmed.

Her own scent on her man and the image of riding him made her pussy contract with need. Her hand stroked down his chest to find his cock hard again. She held him firmly in her hand and began to massage. Her submissive lifted his hips to her. This move delighted her and she kissed him again, letting her tongue slide into his mouth as a reward.

Leyla reached down with her other hand and rubbed her aching pussy, and then slid a finger inside her warm core. Pulling it out, she released his lips and pushed her wet digit inside his mouth. He sucked her finger rapidly, like a thirsty man sucking drops of water.

She could not wait. Without removing her finger she straddled him. His rigid cock still in her hand, she stroked her pussy up and down, opening her nether lips. She held his cock at her entrance and stopped. Her sub tried to push his hips up to her.

"Not so quick, my young one," she giggled.

Then without warning, pushed down letting his cock fill her. He was thick and filled her deeply. "Oh so good," she groaned, closing her eyes to enjoy the feel of him inside her hot pussy. Leyla opened her eyes and looked down on her man. His body was tense and rigid and she knew he was trying to hold back on coming. Leyla thrust once and he gritted his teeth, the strain evident on his face.

Need built inside her, moisture seeped from her core. She thrust harder. Leaning down she grabbed his shoulders and rode him faster. The friction of her clit rubbing against his hips sent sparks of delight around her body. She dug her nails into his muscular shoulders as her orgasm rose inside her. He joined her in the rhythm she had created, thrusting as hard as he could, until she screamed tumbling over the edge into that perfect place, losing herself to him for a moment.

Leaning up, she placed a kiss on his cheek and whispered into his ear, "thank you," before moving off and walking into the bathroom. Looking over her shoulder at her sub, she smiled at his still rigid cock. Maybe she would let him come next time.


Michaela Rhua is a British author, who loves nothing more than curling up with a good book and a glass of red wine. Having a day job, two children and a husband keeps her busy. Check out more about Michaela on her site and Facebook.


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