Turn it on: Power

We chose Power as our fall theme for the Unbound Box because we were dying to explore ideas around the exchange and balance of power. It's electric, serious and simultaneously very fun. Allowing ourselves to play with power is intoxicating. If you're a partnered gal, Power as a theme may seem more obvious to you. On the site and in the Unbound Power Box we'll explore seduction and power play. If you're a solo force to be reckoned with, this theme is for you too. Believe us, there is nothing more effective than an empowered woman. Here, we'll explore topics of strength and self driven satisfaction. Throwing every last drop of our might into one moment or glance or move is Power. Communicating our desires (whether they be in the bedroom or the boardroom) and Making. Them. Happen. is Power

We've spent our summer shedding our inhibitions, allowing ourselves to relax and seeing new places that inspire. We've had our moment in the sun and now, it's time to step assuredly into the dark. Fall is about taking that summer detox and channeling that fresh start into progress, productivity and authority. It's moodier and oh, trust us, it's daaaamn kinkier too. Fall is the moon to summer's sun. It's strict, disciplined and confident. It's spent the summer dreaming and lusting and believe us: it wants what it wants and knows exactly how to get it. Power to us is the electric current between capability and swagger. It's the voice inside that says, "You soo got this. Now go for it."

Get ready to turn on the Power, Unbounders!


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