How to Pack the Ultimate Shag Bag

We’ve all been there. That night when you’re going out with that special someone and you’re pretty sure it’s the kind of special outing that’s going to wind up with your clothes on the floor and you trying to fall asleep in a new bed. It’s an awesome time – right up until you wake up with your contacts in, your makeup all smeared or rubbed off, morning breath, and last night’s clothes to go home in. This ladies, is where the shag bag becomes important. With a little bit of planning, you can shack up pretty, and go home the next day with none the wiser for what you got up to the night before. 

Step One: Select the Proper Sized Bag

First things first - think ahead about what kind of bag you have. If you don’t have a car to throw an extra bag into the back of or if this is a new hook-up, you’re going to want to be able to just throw some things into your purse. So unless you’re secretly Hermione, a medium sized hobo or tote bag will likely serve you best in being discreet.

I suggest emptying your bag of anything unessential – switch to a smaller wallet, remove snack foods, and take out that that book and journal you lug around for when you get bored.  If everything goes your way, you’ll have far better things to do than read. 

Step Two: Plan Your Outfit and Makeup 

Next thing after you’ve selected the proper covert bag is to plan your outfit. When you’re picking out the proper lingerie, think about whether it’ll transfer to the next day’s outfit without issue. Along with the clothes, consider your makeup when you’re getting ready. You want something that will survive through the night, and hopefully into the morning too. Look for no smudge eyeliner (I tend to have better luck with liquid liners) and waterproof/smudge-proof mascara so that you don’t unintentionally wake up looking like a character from a Tim Burton movie.

Step Three: Cosmetics

When figuring out what makeup to bring with you I suggest boiling it down to the essentials. Travel-sized products are going to be easier, and can fit in their own small pencil pouch, making you less likely to forget something the next time you plan for a sleepover. For me I keep it to mascara, concealer and eyeliner. 

Step Four: Clothes
The best thing here is to keep it light. Generally speaking, your bottoms, shoes and jacket should transfer to the next day. I’d recommend packing a different top and a fresh pair of panties.

Step Five: Toiletries 

Speaking as a gal with skin that breaks out if I look at it too hard, I recommend you throw in a few face cleaning wipes. These are good in case of makeup smears, but also to start fresh in the morning. Keep them in either a resealable bag, or fold them up to fit in a small travel case. Also if you pack a gentle cleanser then these can also in aid cleaning up downstairs after sexy times. 

Next, if you have contacts then load a contact case with solution beforehand. If you don’t have contacts, then contact cases still come in handy for putting in moisturizer, zit cream, or BB cream. Also go ahead and throw in a mini-toothbrush and one of those travel sized hairbrushes.

 Lastly, but not least, don’t forget to throw a few condoms in the hidden compartment of your purse if they’re not already there. No one wants their fun times to be ruined because their partner didn’t think ahead. 

There you have it. If there’s anything that you’d personally throw in a shag bag, then feel free to suggest it in the comments. And on second thought, go ahead and keep those snacks in your bag. Nothing smoothes over an awkward morning after like some fruit snacks.

- Wren Rose is a part-time writer currently living it up in the Rocky Mountains. She enjoys rainy days, sassy writing, craft beer, and generally doing what she wants.

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