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The Magic Wand has remained a beloved classic for decades, and it’s unlikely anything will ever unseat it for its hardcore devotees. If you’re unfamiliar with the Magic Wand, it’s basically a very powerful external “massager” that plugs into the wall, considered by many to be the gold standard of vibrators. (Get a run-down at Babeland if this made your ears perk up.) But for those seduced by promises of advanced technology and novel engineering, the Revel Body is absolutely worth investigating.

Revel Body is the first vibrator to use TrueSonic technology.  While a somewhat similar technology is what powers SoniCare toothbrushes and Clarisonic face brushes, TrueSonic succeeds in its ability to adjust for speed and power.  If I try to explain it myself any further, I’ll absolutely say something incorrect. Let their product video explain it for you:

The revolutionary Revel Body sonic vibrator from Revel Body on Vimeo.

Basically, instead of a motor where moving parts rub against each other to produce a vibration, the Revel Body’s magnetic piston moves in and out of the outer shell at various speeds. (There’s a useful and surprisingly fascinating rundown of vibrator motor technology on their website). In a word, the result of all this newfangled technology is more rumbly than the usual buzzy.

Like any other high-end vibrator worth its expensive packaging, the Revel Body boasts ten speeds and two power modes. But what’s fascinating to me about this vibrator is that the lower speeds felt more intense than the higher ones. When the piston moved faster, it was harder to feel the movement -- on the lower three speeds, the stimulation felt like more of...something, rather than less. An analogy: if you were to move your finger over your clit as fast as you could with a pretty small range of motion, it might not be the easiest way for you to get off (of course, on the other hand, it totally might -- obviously this review is based on personal preferences). What if you moved it a little more slowly (but still rapidly) over a slightly wider area -- does that sound any more appealing?

In a lot of ways, the Revel Body replicates a lot of what so many people love about the Magic Wand while eliminating the drawbacks. First of all, it’s quiet. None of the tell-tale Hitachi BZZZ. It’s capable of high intensity but has adjustable speeds, and doesn’t have to be plugged into the wall (it’s rechargeable!). You can take it into the bathtub without being electrocuted. It transmits very little vibration from the toy into your hand, and at tennis ball proportions, it isn’t over a foot long. It’s made entirely of body-safe material, and it’s very simple to clean (the piston pops right out -- just make sure you re-insert it facing the right way, otherwise it won’t run). You can charge it in the wall or in the USB port of your computer, and a single charge of this vibrator will last you for quite a while.

The shape is very ergonomic and comfortable to hold in your hand against your clit, but if you’re hoping to use it for partnered sex, you’ll have to stick to positions where the front of your body remains pretty accessible; this is not gonna work for missionary-style sex, if you were hoping to squeeze it between two bodies. Instead, try lying on your side with your partner behind you and reaching around to press the vibrator on your clit (pro-tip for any vibrator, regardless of make).

                                       Screen Shot 2013 09 23 At 1.13.56 Pm

All of this makes for a pretty cool, innovative vibrator. But at $129, the Revel Body is close to the price of more than three Magic Wands. I can easily see it becoming part of my regular rotation -- as a one-time Magic Wand user, the sensation is both familiar and novel, and it got me off quickly every time (so efficient!). This toy also kept me on the edge of coming for much longer than usual, which feels fantastic (maybe better than orgasms themselves? Just my 2¢) and resulted in more intense orgasms. But it’s not the most versatile vibrator on the market -- obviously only intended for external use, this doesn’t have the flexibility of, for example, the Lelo Mona II, which is able to target your clit, stimulate your entire vulva, and be inserted for G-spot stimulation (although of course not simultaneously). I’d love to see this technology succeed to the point where the Revel Body people can start producing more varied and eventually lower-priced models. It’s pricey, sure, but the Revel Body isn’t aiming to be everything for everyone -- it just wants to be quite excellent for a lot of people -- and it does a pretty great job at that.

Wanna get yours?  Check out Revel Body and report back!


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