Review: Stay in bed with the Iroha Yuki

We were dying to get our hands on one of the new Iroha vibrators by Tenga . The completely fun and dare we say, charming mochi-esque vibes caught our interest the moment we laid our eyes on them.

We'll start with the stats:

-The Iroha vibrators come in three different models (The Midori- green, The Sakura- pink, and the Yuki- in white- we tried the Yuki!)

-Offers three steady but definitely respectable vibration levels and one patterned vibration level

-Employs a very simple on/off function; its super easy to use.  Like, no need to turn on the lights to figure it out, you got this

The Yuki is not the strongest vibrator you've ever met. For those who insist on something more along the lines of a repurposed power tool than a vibrator, you should know, this thing won't have you clawing at your duvet cover.  But the Iroha vibes shouldn't be overlooked on that simple premise.  The Yuki is an impressive and worthy vibe with features and qualities that we adore.  Trying the Iroha sort of reminded us: not every vibe needs to send you over the edge screaming, mind blown and head spinning-- it's possible and really nice actually, to enjoy a great sex toy that is a little bit more about the journey that the destination.  

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It feels so different from anything we've tried. The texture, color and squishiness of the vibe is so unique that although its one of those "pretty enough to keep outside the nightstand," procede with caution because everyone and their moms (should they be in your bedroom) will want to pick it up.  The feel of this vibe is soft, pillowy and consistent with our assumptions of what the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man might feel like.  For those who think white vibrators belong in the same "nope, not for me" file as white bath suits or winter coats then let us assure you, the silicone material actually cleans remarkably well with soap and water. 

Size wise, it fits quite comfortably in the palm of your hand.  It's a very easy to handle vibe for you or for use with a partner.  The unique shape might lend itself to a little first time user confusion (as most non phallic vibes do) but since the material and shape is so friendly--  we say just go with it! Try it first against your clit and then explore other areas like your nipples.  We realized in talking about this vibe that EVERYONE always advises to try a vibe on your nipples but the Yuki's soft form actually delivers a really nice, lovely experience in that department.  

That's why we're calling it, our favorite Sunday morning sex toy. Pleasant, not at all insignificant, incredibly enjoyable.  

Some other worthwhile notes on the Iroha Yuki:

-Pretty quiet!  While we wouldn't say it's entirely silent; it's not waking up your roomate.  

-2 hours to fully charge; full charge lasts 90 minutes on high

-splash proof but not waterproof

-Retails for $99; The packaging, quality and not too much but not too little price point of this vibe make it a really fun gift.  

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