We're all: #thnxbirthcontrol today!

Unbound is pleased and proud to be joining Bedsider today for their Thanks, Birth Control campaign.  We'll be making our rounds on Twitter, Facebook and here to share the love and spread the word.  

Got a story to share?  How has birth control helped you?   Tweet that sh*t! Tumblr that stuff! Fbook it big style!  Standing proud and tall for birth control means you're affirming your own decisions as well as voicing your support of others doing the same.  Think you'll be the only one? Bwah! 99% of women in the US have employed a method of birth control.  Despite this figure, birth control remains to be controversial.  Let's make it a topic we feel comfortable discussing among friends, with our partners and trusted professionals. And more, let's make it something we're willing to go to bat for.  Whether its sharing your own story or standing for the rights of others to tell theirs, take a moment today and say #thnxbirthcontrol.

Whatcha think?

Please don't be mean :-)

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Unbound will donate 6.9% of all profits to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and wellness.

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