Helllo, Nude Couture!

Since founding Unbound, there's always been a moment of pause when someone asks "what we do."  While we love to talk all day long about sex and pleasure and the items that make it even better, we know that for some, it's a blush worthy moment.  Not to our surprise, talking about Unbound has led to some of the most interesting and exciting conversations we could imagine.  When we began chatting with a very nice gentleman at a start up event, we explained what we do and to our delight, he said, "oh, you must speak with my daughter in law, she's a brilliant lingerie designer!"  We were intrigued, indeed. After we took at look at Hiromi's incredible pieces from her line, Nude Couture, we were in love and had to know more. Japanese born designer, Hiromi makes beautiful handcrafted fetish influenced collections from lightweight leather. Although her designs come at a pretty penny, the craftsmanship and beauty of these pieces is beyond anything we've ever seen.  

How did you first start to design lingerie? Did you start with it or gravitate towards it?

My fashion career began in men’s tailoring, but through a series of soul-searching events I found myself exploring the fetish nightlife scene, which then led me to designing lavish outfits for fetish performers. It was working on these lush outfits that led me to discover my love for lingerie design, which, like the fetish scene, is all about self-satisfaction and living out your fantasy. There is an inherent freedom in designing lingerie; the only “rule” you need to follow is that the clothes should make you look gorgeous. For me, no other fashion is as purely focused on fulfilling your desires.

        Raindrop   Full F

What inspires your work?

My biggest inspiration comes from passing encounters with beautiful women. For example, a woman with long black hair might run by me on a rainy day. The texture of her wet clothes and her out-of-breath facial expression would leave a strong impression on my mind. I take a moment like that and then try to imagine the personality of that woman, her story, her desires, and try to create a theme that would match and resonate with those imagined aspects of her psyche.

Check out Hiromi's very cool work at Nude Couture.  Tell them Unbound sent you...

By Sarah Jayne

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