Our Summer Box: NAKED

That's right! We're getting Naked!

We've spent the past couple months buried in clothes and it's time to shed these layers and simply enjoy the beauty of what we've got. Don't have a "bikini body"? Neither do we! We have one awesome bod that achieves it's purpose of productivity and pleasure year round. Sometimes it does an extra 20 minutes on the treadmill, sometimes it prefers 45 extra minutes of sleep and sometimes it prefers frozen yogurt for dinner (with the chocolately toppings, not the fruity ones). The point is, we've got one body and a lot of reasons to treat it to some pleasureful goodies!

So why Naked? Being naked to you might mean something different from just a pile of clothes on the ground. Maybe it's going without makeup for a week or pleasuring yourself with nothing but the touch of your own hands. Perhaps it's the simple thrill of eating breakfast with your partner in the buff. Allowing yourself to feel naked or exposed requires a delicate dance between vulnerability and empowerment. Sure, a little scary and a little uncertain, but we promise: try something that makes you feel all of these things and you'll be happy to did.

For this Summer's Unbound Box, we've collected the most splendid items that indulge, honor and delight your body. We looked to include items that were easy to pack so feel free to tote them along on your summer getaways and adventures. We’ve selected items from a wide range of companies, from the industry leaders like Tenga to awe-inspiring one woman shows like Lovability and Sea Grape Soaps. We’re thrilled to bring you each and every one of these items and hope you fall in love as we did.

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