A Summer Friday at the Museum of Sex

We made our way over to the Museum of Sex to check out their new exhibit, FUNLAND: Pleasures & Perils of the Erotic Fairground. The museum tapped London artist pair, Bompas & Parr to explore the inherently erotic nature of carnivals and the immersive experience they've created does just that. It's a lusty, creepy (the eerie yet playful music piped throughout is composed by Dom James), and hilarious ride. Visitors can make their way through a mirrored labyrinth, play a Skeeball style carnival game called the Foreplay Derby (which we won! see picture below!), and a rock climbing wall that touts anatomically shaped hand holds.  

                                      Screenshot 2014 08 15 14.28.21(2)

Without question, the must do of this entire exhibit is the Jump For Joy, a roomy bounce house with inflated boobs (YES: BOOBS). Large, oversized, inflated boobs that you can jump and crash into until your heart's content.  We made our way in, half smiling and launched into those slow motion large jumps that adults must do (if you've spent anytime in a bounce house lately, you know what we're talking about) to get any type of air. Within seconds, we were sailing into these large pillowy breasts and laughing until we cried. Yes, it's art. Yes, it's meant to be provocative. But coming down from that high took hours and we still bust up (no pun intended) laughing when we explain it to anyone else. 

                                     Screenshot 2014 08 15 14.28.21

If you're in New York or visiting soon, we highly recommend checking out the Museum of Sex .  Their many exhibits are both fun and truly interesting and it has the world's greatest gift shop ever because, well, sex toys.  They also run a fabulous blog and Twitter that is most absolutely worth a follow.  

                                   Screenshot 2014 08 15 14.28.21(3)

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