Ahem, announcing: The Solo, the Unbound Box for your own damn self

For us single ladies, this time of year can feel like one long, bad rom-com (insert non-sexy groan).  As if the holidays weren't couple-y enough, here comes Valentine's Day to place the cherry on top of relationship season. Think this holiday has nothing to do with you, you middle of the bed sleeping goddess?

Well, here at Unbound, we say, “to hell with that!”

That’s right, it’s time to take February back - which is why we’ve curated a specialty no partner necessary box that can be enjoyed all by your sexy self. These playful and carefree products are for the woman who has no problem flying solo when it comes to, well, coming. So wear whatever you want, we're already damn impressed and take some time to indulge in y-o-u.

This box contains goods from OhMiBod, Good Clean Love, Dead Batteries and Sustain Condoms. The Solo will begin shipping February 2nd. 

Why the solo option for this quarter?

This February's Unbound Box is a very partner friendly box featuring products that require a partner for maximum experience. While we're super thrilled to be delivering such a fun and engaging box for the Valentine's Day season, we don't want to leave out those of you who prefer your Unbound experience to be one enjoyed by yourself. 

Will every box moving forward have a partner or solo option?

Most likely not. We love sending products that are versatile in their uses. Some products just call for a plus one and therefore, we'll always make the distinction known to you. In this quarter's case, we're offering a separate box, The Solo for those who get to sleep in the center of the bed.  

Looking to play it solo this February? If you are currently an Unbound subscriber, simply log into your account and change your box preference. We'll confirm with you that you're down to receive The Solo in lieu of Art Lover for your February Unbound Box.

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