Meet: O'actually

So give us the 3 sentence sum up of what O'actually is?

O’actually is a multi-media web platform celebrating women’s sexual pleasure. We believe that genuine female orgasms better the world! Our inaugural arts festival is re-imagining adult entertainment by calling on filmmakers, artists, and writers to bring women’s fantasies to life by creating pieces from a female perspective. The Pleasure Pledge, coming this June, invites women to commit to daily orgasms and reap the boundless benefits that come from prioritizing pleasure.

What can a first time visitor expect to find?

You’ll be immediately welcomed into our safe, trusted, and celebratory community. O’actually exists to release the taboo around women’s sexual pleasure, turn women on, and serve as a resource for women to access to gain pleasure, knowledge and community.

For tips, fun reads, and an exploration of your sexual curiosities, check out the O’actually blog.

In the mood for some seriously beautiful, steamy, and hot scenes? Check out our video library and let your mind quiet and your body go wild. A great starting point for first timers is our brand trailer. Prefer a saucy read? Don’t miss our new favorite pieces about our very own Molly Rider’s first dabble with BDSM (it’s both packed full of information, candor and insight AND you’ll want to rush out to update your toy chest.) In the mood to create your own fantasy but desiring some inspiration? We’ve selected our favorite images from around the world at various time periods and that will get your imagination and sexual energy flowing in our visual arts section.

Where does the content comes from?

We take curation seriously! Everything on the site has been vetted by our Chief Creative Guru, Liz, our core team, and myself! We champion the beautiful work of talented filmmakers like Erika Lust and Jacky St James. We are incredibly excited to showcase the work that is coming in through the Festival. The O’actually Festival is an opportunity for filmmakers, artists, and writers to WIN CASH PRIZES. We are currently OPEN for submissions – deadline is June 30th! We strongly encourage women to submit and the festival is open to receive work from professionals to first timers and everyone in-between! Give it shot and bring your fantasy to life!

How did you get the idea?

I believed (and still believe) it’s time to open up the discussion, release the taboo of women’s self pleasure, and celebrate work made from the female perspective and arousing to women.

I had spent years leading organizations and getting advanced degrees to address issues of sexual violence. It was powerful and important work. However, I came to a personal crossroads with that work. I came to see that in O’actually there was an opportunity to channel my passion for gender equity into a celebration.

Allowing women to thrive and grow is incredibly important to me. When women are attuned to their bodies and receiving pleasure, the world is a better place. Women are happier, more engaged and fulfilled and doing better work in the world. Once I had that “A ha” moment, launching the business was become the most obvious and clear “yes” in my life.

How do you think O'actually will change the impression many women have when it comes to seeking out adult content?

We strive to provide an experience. This sets us apart. Mainstream sites bombard the viewer with images and feature content without any context. We know many women who are turned off the second they arrive on a mainstream site, complete with flashing vaginas, a plethora of quasi- disembodied penises, and a ton of graphic choices to make at the get go. Even if you get to the stage where you select some content, it can be confusing: “wait, but why are those people in an abandoned mansion and how on Earth did they just stumble into that position?” It can be jarring too: “Yikes! I just wanted some saucy inspiration to get me going and now I’m watching something that is really freaking me out.
Alternatively,our aim at O’actually is to provide a welcoming platform that allows women to navigate and peruse a range of content on their own terms. Additionally, the content on our site focuses on women’s pleasure - highlighting women’s orgasms right there in the film, art, or story AND yielding it in the viewer’s bedroom too!

What’s the best part of starting a company like O'actually?

Everyday (and a few nights too!), I work with a team of talented, courageous, funny and inspiring women. We’re driven by our shared belief that everything we do to advance women’s sexual pleasure and yield more genuine female orgasms will also better the world. What’s not to love?!
But the very best part? That’s easy. It’s every time I hear a “Kit, thank you.” One woman wrote in to tell us that the Pleasure Pledge helped her reconnect to her body and a sense of play that she had assumed was lost. Another woman thanked us for helping her to understand that her orgasms offered her healing. Yet another said that her boyfriend owed us a thank you note. As I say, “It’s our pleasure!”

Take the Pleasure Pledge here, Unbounders!

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