Pleasure to the People: JimmyJane’s New “Live Sexy” Line

Until recently, most sex toys available for retail sale in the United States were shoddy, novelty-grade products, not always made of body-safe materials, and typically marketed toward men. A confluence of factors including liberalizing social mores and increased depictions in popular media of sexually liberated women enjoying erotic accessories in a context beyond bachelorette gag gifts contributed to a budding demand for higher quality products that were actually designed with a woman’s body in mind.

Fortunately, in the last decade or two, several firms (e.g., Dame, Minna, Je Joue, Crave, LELO) emerged to address this growing demand for higher quality sex toys for women.  However, belonging to a taboo industry meant that many faced significant operational hurdles (securing financing for capital investments or finding channels that would permit them to advertise e.g.). Thus, while their material investments in research and development allowed this group of manufacturers to develop products unlike the market had ever seen, an inability to rapidly scale and lower costs meant that most of their innovative products needed to command loftier price points in order to preserve sustainable margins. 

Hence, today we see the market for sex toys largely bifurcated into less well-made but more cost-effective options on one end of the spectrum, with high-end luxury products on the other (and not a whole lot in between).  Or so it was, until the lovely folks at Jimmyjane saw fit to address this breakdown of democratic access to quality pleasure:

Since its founding in 2003 in California, Jimmyjane has built a name for itself crafting design-oriented, high-quality adult toys. While their products have won them a host of accolades and loyal fans, Jimmyjane’s prices typically skewed higher: e.g. their signature “Form” line (featuring several different shaped vibrators and dildos each with distinct functionalities) runs from $139-$199 (they also carry even more luxurious offerings like a platinum ”Chroma” vibe for $495).

 Earlier this year, however, Jimmyjane debuted a new “Live Sexy” line of introductory, moderately-priced vibrators loosely modeled after its lauded, higher-end “Form” line. While the functionality of these vibes is not necessarily revolutionary (e.g. they’re all battery powered, there are no app-syncing bells and whistles etc.), this suite of toys constitutes the first complete line of vibrators that are both manufactured with the same high-quality materials and powerful motors as more upscale offerings, while being priced at a level accessible to those looking to experiment with different types of stimulation without taking a $100+ gamble on something that might not be right for them. 

 Here at Unbound, we also believe pleasure shouldn’t be constrained by price and so we’re proud to announce that the entire Jimmyjane Live Sexy intro line is now available in our online shop!  Our devoted team of guinea pigs has lovingly tried them all.  Here's what you need to know:


JimmyJane Intro 1

This slim (and surprisingly powerful) finger bullet vibrator is the perfect thing to toss in your suitcase or purse for sexy times on the go. Made of high-quality medical silicone, the Intro 1 features 3 speeds and 3 modes and is washable and splashproof. Powered by 3 LR44 batteries (included).



Intro 2 Jimmyjane vibe

Jimmyjane makes powerful, beautifully-designed vibrators and the Intro 2 is no exception.  Featuring a powerful motor in each of its two soft silicone ears, the I2 can be pinched together lightly or snugly around your clit (or nipples) for a delicious sensation.  The vibe is ergonomic and easy to operate, with one button that cycles through three levels of intensity and two different modes (steady vibration and rapid pulses).  The device is also fully waterproof, though if you pair it with lube make sure to use one that is water (not silicone) based so as not to degrade it.  Device stands 4.6” x 2.2”.  Batteries included.



Intro 4

The perfect starter vibe for internal and external stimulation, this sleek, slender vibe is comfortable and intuitive to use. Made of high-quality silicone, the Intro 4 features 3 speeds and 3 modes and is washable and splashproof. Batteries included.



Intro 6

A great beginner vibe for someone looking to experiment with internal stimulation. The Intro 6 has a unique,curved shape to deliver targeted pressure and vibration to the G-Spot while producing vibrations powerful enough to also work well for clitoral stimulation. The Intro 6 is made of high-quality silicone and is washable and splashproof. Batteries included.

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