The theme for this quarter's box is...

∇ DELTA ∇ 

Good things have been known to come in small packages.  This month we bring you a collection targeted to indulge and titillate three relatively small but incredibly sensitive parts of you: the nipples and clitoris. 

Or as we like to call it, the golden triangle. 

Like those erogenous zones, these toys and treats may not be large, but you best believe they punch above their weight.  Drape yourself in our delicate Unbound body chain, which leaves all those sensitive parts exposed for further play.  Complement with Bijoux Indiscret’s silver sunburst Mimi nippies for an added layer of sensual indulgence.  Next, try a bit (but only a bit! trust us…) of Exsens’ Fresh Litchi icy sensitizing gel (imported from France- oh là là) on your nipples or clit for a powerful, unique sensation.  Finally take Jimmyjane’s powerful new Intro 2 dual-motor clitoral vibe for a spin.  When things get too intense (or just intense enough), toss everything in our chic, Unbound drawstring bag. 

The Delta box retails for $130, but you can snag yours for $65. Only because you're such a badass babe. 

Exsens – Fresh Ginger Litchi Cooling Stimulation Gel
Exsens Arousal Gel

Don’t be fooled by the delicate scent and floral packaging. This French-imported gel does not eff around.  Apply a small(!) dollop to your finger and gently rub on your nipples or clitoris for a near-immediate, intense, cooling sensation that heightens arousal and deeply focuses you in on your body.  15ml bottle- paraben and  phenoxyethanol-free.


Jimmyjane Intro 2 Vibe
JimmyJane Intro 2

Jimmyjane makes beautifully designed vibrators and the Intro 2 is no exception.  Featuring a powerful motor in each of its two soft silicone ears, the I2 can be pinched together lightly or snugly around your clit (or nipples) for a delicious sensation.  The vibe is ergonomic and easy to operate, with one button that cycles through three levels of intensity and two different modes (steady vibration and rapid pulses).  The device is also fully waterproof, though if you pair it with lube make sure to use one that is water (not silicone) based so as not to degrade it.  Device stands 4.6” x 2.2”.  Batteries included.


Bijoux Indiscrets – Silver Mimi Pasties
Bijoux Mimi Nippies

Bullseye.  Turn your body into art with these gorgeous silver rhinestone pasties from Bijoux Indiscrets.  Featuring a playful sunburst design, these self-adhesive ornaments radiate around the nipple, leaving it exposed for further play while not being so raised above the skin as to be excessively noticeable under clothing or lingerie (if you want to save the surprise).  Set of 2.  Intended for single use but can be reapplied with a bit of eyelash adhesive (not included). 


Unbound Body Chain
Unbound Body Chain

Yes we know you probably haven’t thought about body chains since the days when they used to be paired with baby tees and low cut jeans.  This chic gold cross-body chain redeems the concept in a way worthy of a modern, Unbound woman.  It also features a convenient front clasp and small gold “UN” charm on one side.  Wear it out under a low-cut blazer or stay in and take advantage of the crisscross design that leaves nipples exposed for further play.  Also available in plus size.


Unbound Quote Drawstring
Unbound Swag Bag

A woman’s got to have her secrets.  Keep all your favorite indulgences in this cheeky cotton drawstring screen printed with our logo and a quote from one of our favorite silver screen divas Mae West-“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful”.  No disputes here.  8”x10”.

Grab yours before they sell out!

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