10 Sexiest Presidents

Is it wrong to rank the leaders of the free world based solely on their attractiveness? MAYBE. But Hillary's pantsuit collection has faced more criticism than all 43 of these hombres put together, so enjoy this compilation of sexy presidents.

10. Lincoln
Abe would have lived in Williamsburg and rocked a man bun, for. sure.


9. Carter
Talk peanuts to me, baby. 


8. Pierce 
You do Wolverine pretty well there, Franklin. 


7. Bush Jr.
Wouldn't trust you as a pilot but would be curious to see your cockpit.


6. Garfield 
Wanna yell that name in bed and it not be a cat


5. Clinton



4. Roosevelt
Let's make a new, new deal, Frankie. 


3. Reagan
Trickle down, where?! 


2. Kennedy
Take us to the compound, plz. 


1. Obama







Whatcha think?

Please don't be mean :-)

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