Flirtmoji Tat Pack

It started with a text message- at first glance it was just a simple emoji. Upon further investigation, we saw something purely delightful and downright awesome: two rabbits- one pink, one blue- looking all adorable...and humping. We had saw our very first Flirtmoji and said: we must have them all! From cute to kinky, Flirtmoji's brilliantly illustrated micro images are the perfect tool for communicating your dirtiest and naughtiest desires. Trust us: once you go Flirtmoji, you'll never get back to the pedestrian ways of using fruit or hand signals for your sauciest of correspondence again.  

In the Flirtmoji Tat Pack, we've included temporary tattoos of our favorite Flirtmoji. We've also packed a voucher for you to access the full set of Flirtmoji on their site.  Whether it's planning a bachelorette party, flirting with your SO or that unending group text with your friends from college- Flirtmoji's are an awesome way to make you point, dammit. 

Here's a quick how-to on using Flirtmoji: 

    Screenshot 2015 05 05 13.54.06

    Screenshot 2015 05 05 13.54.18

    Screenshot 2015 05 05 13.54.31

    Screenshot 2015 05 05 13.54.46

    Screenshot 2015 05 05 13.54.57

    Screenshot 2015 05 05 13.55.10

    Screenshot 2015 05 05 13.55.22

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