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Come in, pet. Take a seat...

While we might not miss going back to school, we sure do miss the feel of having a bunch of new tools and supplies to try out.  So consider this box your pencil box of all grown up (verrrrry adult) back to school supplies.  We've stocked you up with items that will challenge you (ever so lovingly) to do something different. Whether it's slowing things down (phone off!) for a long rub down with the Babeland Massage Candle or making things all the more racy with the Maison Close Teasing Ruler- we want this box to inspire new lessons about yourself.  After all, there's nothing more educational than trying something new. Just have fun and be safe and talk it all out.  

Time to hit the books!

We've also included a book for the first time in this box!  We're so thrilled to be working with erotica editor extraordinaire, Rachel Kramer Bussel and the damn fine folks at Cleis Press to bring you your very own copy of the just released, Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales.  Listening to our beloved Unbound subscribers about what they'd love to try out in future boxes is super important to us and we heard you loud and clear: you want erotica and you want the good stuff. We love this collection of stories and its many tales of power play and BDSM.  It's a devilishly fun read and we hope you get some ideas of your own from it!

In the Erotic Education Box you will find:

-The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales by Rachel Kramer Bussel
-Babeland Massage Candle in Honey Vanilla
-Maison Close le petit secret lingerie and ruler 
-Sustain Condom's Ultra Thin 3-pack
-Unbound branded matches

(For those playing along at home, MSRP for this box is $73.)

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