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When we started to dream up the idea for our February Unbound Box, we knew we wanted something different. Something that really pushed people to do something exciting and fresh to it. No matter how long (or short) you've been with your significant other, chances are, you haven't done anything like this yet. 

When we came across the Love is Art Kit, we knew that this was the perfect fit for our couples box.  One thing we love to seek out are items that allow you to hand over control. The trust and respect that it takes to do so is such a wonderful aspect of good old fashioned lovin'. In this box, you will find a blindfold and Bijoux Indiscrets Silky Sashes that allow for you to hand over control or take it all for yourself. With the Love is Art Kit, you'll actually both be forced to give up a bit of control and to just allow yourselves to enjoy this incredibly intense and fun experience together.  When you think about it, art and love are two of the things in this world where we are inspired to give up a bit of control and to feel new things if we are open to it. We hope you approach this box with a sense of openness and optimism.  

What you'll find in this box:

-A signature Love is Art Kit (trust us, this kit comes complete with everything)

-Love is Art Blindfold

-Champagne scented body wash

-Bijoux Indiscrets Silky Hand Sash

And be sure to check out our Art Lover Playlist to get things going! 

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