The subscription is amazing, really. The price point is high, but considering what you get, it's more than worth it.


LOVE the boxes!!! So impressed with the classy useful eco-friendly people-safe high-quality product! And everything got here SO quick!


Thank you for existing, I admire your spirit and the way you write all your emails. They touch my heart.


A fun and classy alternative to an industry that is all too often trashy.


My FAVOURITE subscription box by far.


The people who work here are wondeful, accessible and so friendly.


Loving yourself is a rebellious act.

A curated experience delivered discreetly to your door, once every three months.

The Basics Box

But like, not for basics. You know? This is the perfect beginner’s box with a fantastic vibe, organic lubricant, Hanky Panky thongs, personal wipes, and a swag bag!

Take a peep